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Spy Keylogger Software


Spy key logger software for PC is a hidden monitoring tool, which allows you to secretly track all the activities and work done on the system. You can trace the documents until the person has not deleted that document or has typed something, which did not allow the document to be saved.

The person can monitor all the activities that include all the documents, emails and other stuff. Whatever user types on the keyboard, such as emails, documents, passwords, etc, they are store in an internal memory storage device with in the key logger. The owner of the key logger can then retrieve the data from the key logger at any time.

There are three types of key logger available that are: PS/2 model, which has the same fittings as a standard PS/2 keyboard. Other type is USB model; it is compatible with all modern keyboards. The third type of key logger is one concealed within the computer keyboard itself. It is hidden within the keyboard so no one detect it.

Spy key logger software for PC IN Delhi, India is available at Action India Home Products. The company provides live demonstration of its products for consumer satisfection.