Spy Software for I-Phones

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Spy Software for I-Phones


It’s just not a phone, its I –phone similarly it’s not software, its spy software for I- phone. With the increase in the rates of I-Phone, model, it has surely become a property which need a bodyguard to protect it. Spy software for I-phone can be a protecting agent of your cell phone.

This devise can track the location of the phone during theft or lost. Is your kid demanding an I- Phone from you? Now you can fulfill his demand by gifting him I- phone that too with the software, so that you can track all his activities. The

Installation of this devise wills take few minutes and you will be able to monitor all the information stored in the targeted cell phone.

The information include all the text massages, received- sent, it records all the conversation and will ping you. The devise can track all the websites and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp visited by the person.

The advantage of the software is that it can track all those information which are once deleted.

Spy software for I-phone in Delhi, India is available at Action India Home Products. The company offers wide range of these products at affordable price with live demonstration of goods for its client’s satisfaction.


  • Contacts
  • Incoming Call-Details
  • Outgoing Call-Details
  • Incoming SMS Messages
  • Outgoing SMS Messages
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Live Call Interception
  • Live Room Listenening