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Action India Home Products is introducing blackberry ware for Blackberry holders. It is the latest addition in the list of Spy cell phone software. It can track all the files stored in the phone. Use of Black berry massager is increasing day by day. This phone is mostly used for official purpose therefore the software will help you to track the mobile phone of your employer.

It enables a person to monitor all the conversation made threw the phone in which the software is installed. Apart from calls one can track all the text massages whether received or send with time. One can even view the websites and the social networking sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Whatsapp and etc visited by the person.

The presence of this software will not bring any change in the cell phone and therefore no one can detect its presence. The installation of this devise requires a physical access to that mobile phone as it cannot be done remotely. But do not worry; it will take hardly 2-3 minutes to get installed.

It is the best way of keeping a hold on your spouse, kid or employee activity without any suspicion. Spy software for Blackberry Mobile Phone in Delhi, India is delivered by Action India Home Products. The company gives live demonstration of its products for its client’s satisfaction.


Live Control Panel: Blackberry Spyware for Blackberry phone is the latest BB Messenger Spy application designed specifically for Blackberry users. Blackberry Spyware allows complete monitoring and tracking of Blackberry phone. Blackberry Spyware can be used to reveal truth about your family. Moreover, Spy can also be used to monitor the usage of employees by the company. blackberry spyware for Blackberry phone enables monitoring of calls, text messages and location of Blackberry.

Blackberry Spyware for Blackberry phone records following type of information:

  • Call Records: Details of all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Text Messages: Complete list of messages sent and received from the phone.
  • GPS Location: Location information of the Blackberry phone updated on periodical basis.